The best 10 gifts for people with anxiety in 2023

The best 10 gifts for people with anxiety in 2023

Loving Loudly suggests giving people with anxiety and depression a thoughtful gift; presents that promote relaxation, mindfulness, and self-care. We pride ourselves on sourcing eco-conscious, premium products that encourage individuals to take the time to self-care and manage mental illness symptoms with practical tools.

The top ten recommendations for self-care this year include:

  1. Daily gratitude journal for mindset adjustments
  2. Colouring-In book for mindfulness
  3. Journaling for emotional understanding and clarity
  4. Trying new crafts like polymer clay or watercolour painting
  5. Magnesium Oil for self-massage
  6. Calm balm for relaxation, self-massage, and aromatherapy
  7. Affirmation Cards for inspiration and positive mindset adjustment
  8. Room sprays for mindful moments, intention setting, and aromatherapy
  9. Natural teas for relaxation and restful rituals
  10. Shower Steamers for mindful cleansing, aromatherapy and self-care ritual

We know that if you are in the thick of a challenging time, it is hard to access creative thinking and the energy to source these tools that will better support us.

That is why we do what we do at Loving Loudly.

We have many pre-packed many options of hampers packed with gifts that matter, to deliver self-care to your loved ones today. Our self-care gift boxes are referred to as toolboxes for a reason – they are a one-box stop with many tools to support people during difficult times.  

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Our best selling Self-Care Toolbox contains many of the above-mentioned items and passes the safety standards for those recipients who are in the hospital. 


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