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Wrap around Heat pack

Wrap around Heat pack

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Introducing the Spoonie Society Wrap Around Heat Packs, a perfect companion for anyone with chronic pain, tension or fatigue. Filled with Australian grown Lupins, these Wrap Around Heat Packs can be secured around your waist for hands free movement! 

"Look mum! No hands" 
100% cotton covering
Size Small - Recommended for Women Size 6-12| Men Size XS-M
Size Large - Recommended for Women Size 12-20| Men Size L - XXL
Size XL - Recommended for Women size 20-26| Men Size XXL - 5XL

These heat packs can be heated up and used hot or placed in the freezer to use cold.   

What are Lupins? Lupins are a type of legume. The benefits are as follows;

  • No odour
  • Won't sweat when heated
  • Retains heat longer than traditional wheat heat packs

Wear it before you go to sleep. Whatever it may be, we have you covered!

Heat Instructions - DO NOT OVERHEAT
Microwaves are different - just like us. These are guidelines only.
Start with placing the heat pack in the microwave on high for 60 seconds. If not hot enough, place back in for 15-second intervals until it reaches your desired temperature. 

Keep instructions and read carefully.
Take care when in use and heating.

All heat packs are handmade so not every heat pack is the same - Print Directions may vary as we aim to minimise wastage. 

Designed & manufactured in Australia. 
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