Our Story, The Mission & Our Values

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Mission Statement

Loving Loudly is on a mission to empower communities by generously providing tools that nurture resilience, cultivate self-care skills, and champion mental well-being practices for individuals of all ages and genders.


 At Loving Loudly, our actions are guided by heartfelt values that form the foundation of our work:
❤️ Authenticity
 We embrace genuine and transparent connections, fostering an environment where individuals can be their true selves.
❤️ Wellness
 Committed to holistic well-being, we prioritise practices that enhance physical, emotional, and mental health.
❤️ Community
 We believe in the strength of communities, working collaboratively to create a supportive network for everyone.
❤️ Humanity
 Grounded in compassion and empathy, we celebrate the shared human experience and acknowledge each person's unique journey.
❤️ Connection
 We strive to build meaningful connections that bridge gaps and create a sense of belonging.
❤️ Play
 Infusing joy into our approach, we recognize the importance of lightheartedness and play in fostering a positive mindset, creating calm and expressing deep emotions beyond our language.
❤️ Education
 Committed to continuous learning, we empower individuals with knowledge that promotes personal growth and well-being.
❤️ Compassion
 Central to everything we do, compassion drives our efforts to create a world where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Our Story

In the heart of Loving Loudly lies a story that unfolds from moments of vulnerability and a shared desire for connection. Our journey began in 2017 during a stay at a local psychiatric facility. It was a time of uncertainty, but amidst it, friends and family sought ways to provide support—thus, the social enterprise of Loving Loudly was born.

Led by Mirrillienne (pictured above), the essence of Loving Loudly is woven with threads of resilience. Mirrillienne, having navigated a lifetime marked by foster care, early loss, and living with mental health challenges, committed to not just to survive but to thrive despite these hurdles. This personal journey forms the heartbeat of our initiative.

The Loving Loudly team resonates with a deep understanding of mental health challenges, having faced the complexities of trauma, abuse, and the dismissiveness often surrounding invisible illnesses. Our mission emerged organically—to upskill everyday people with tools that have worked for us, fostering dialogues and creating a language of support. The focus goes beyond the tangible, extending to the intangible but profound impact of connection.

Destigmatising mental health, especially for youth & men facing a disproportionate rate of loss, became a top priority. As an Australian-owned initiative, we take pride in sourcing premium products predominantly from women-run businesses in Australia and New Zealand, each carrying inspiring narratives of resilience.

Our commitment is rooted in social consciousness, actively supporting all communities, with a dedicated focus on First Nation-led businesses. In our intentional choice of minimal packaging, we reflect a mindfulness toward the environment and all creatures great and small.

At Loving Loudly, we invite you into our story—a narrative of overcoming, connection, and a commitment to well-being. Explore our collection, where every gift tells a tale of strength, resilience, and the enduring power of human connection.

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