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Mens Health Matters Box (Hospital Safe)

Mens Health Matters Box (Hospital Safe)

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Packed to the brim, this box is sure to make any male in your life feel celebrated, spoilt and ready to play! We have put together some fun things, that promote mental health practices without being to emotional about it. This motherload contains:
  • Mini Gratitude Journal - Wake Up and Be Awesome with motivational message pen
  • Magnesium Oil 
  • Australian Chocolate
  • Blank book 
  • Plant grow kit 
  • Muscle Balm medium
  • Yes you can non alcoholic drink 
  • 3d Puzzle 
  • The Best Comb by DBS
  • Feelings Wheel, body scan and reminder magnet 

These items are self-care basics, practical and useful. Gratitude journaling is great for shifting mindsets to focusing and recognising the good bits in life. Magnesium for sore muscles promoting deep sleep and restoration. A spunky comb that suits all hair types and feels so nice on the scalp. Puzzles to get the lovelies out of their minds and into their hands. a plant grow kit for something to nurture. Plus, the yummiest chocolates in Australia. 

Spoil your loved one today with this beauty, they will really love you for it. 

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