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The Best Comb by DBS

The Best Comb by DBS

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Did you know there are many health benefits of combing your hair? By combing each section of your hair you are treating the energy channels that can relieve depression, anxiety, plus headaches. This super simple grounding practice is a normal part of every day that makes self-care easy, pleasurable and daily practice.

The Best Comb by DBS is a three way styling & care comb. With a side of wide teeth, tight teeth, and a styling area at the front, this comb ticks all the boxes for day to day use & care.

DBS's the best Comb is not only about the only comb you could ever need but it's a real looker itself. 

The DBS, best comb is ideal for wet or dry hair. 
Use the wide teeth to help break up knotted and curled hair while being super gentle. The tighter teeth are perfect for pulling through hair product and creating styling lines as well as adding texture and depth to all with short hair.

Made from cellulose acetate.

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