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Awesome Ends in ME - Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Young People

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This soft cover Resilient ME gratitude journal is perfect for young people. Empowering our little friends from a young age to manage big emotions, create a growth mindset, focus on their strengths, create meaningful connections, and maintain healthy habits to live a happy life.

This guided journal is packed with so many activities that skill build including:

  • Gratitude Practice
  • Mindful Meditations + Breathing
  • Managing Emotions
  • Strengths & Mindset
  • Healthy Habits – sleep, nourishment, movement
  • Kindness is Magic
  • Mood Tracker

We can’t always stop our little friends facing challenges but we can give them the skills so that these challenges don’t break them.

And the best news?! Resilience can be learned through fostering a positive attitude, having the ability to regulate emotions, being able to focus on strengths rather than weaknesses, making meaningful connections and creating healthy habits. All features of our new resilience and gratitude journal.

Purchasing a gratitude journal for your special little friends is such an amazing gift, that could help create a life of cherishing happiness, simply by teaching them to change their thoughts and change their perspective each day.  What more could any of us want than our little friends growing into happier, emotional resilient adults?