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Gratitude Journal for Kids

Gratitude Journal for Kids

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This soft cover A5 gratitude journal with 110 pages is perfect for young people. Empowering our little friends from a young age to look for the good each day and to find happiness no matter the situation they may be in.

On each day there is a space to enter three things they are grateful for.  Research shows that practicing gratitude increases levels of happiness as well as having a positive impact on your health and well-being.

There are always things that we can be grateful for, and this book contains examples along the way to help those who aren't in the habit of seeing the positives. Also included is a happiness scale which can be coloured in each day. This a great way for parents to flick through the pages to check their kids are doing OK, or for our littles to reflect on prior happiness when it seems all too far away.  

The are prompts for what you can be grateful for, happiness and self-care tips as well as beautiful hand-drawn colouring-in pages by other kids. Colouring-in has shown to be a great way to practice mindfulness and calm down, an accessible activity for many. 

Purchasing a gratitude journal for your special little friends is such an amazing gift, that could help create a life of cherishing happiness, simply by teaching them to change their thoughts and change their perspective each day.  What more could any of us want than our little friends growing into happier, healthier adults?

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