Self-Care Versus Resting

Self-Care Versus Resting

There is a difference between self-caring and taking a break. It’s similar to unplugging vs charging tech.

Just because you have taken a time out, does not automatically mean you are juicing up and recharging yourself. You must find the things that fill you back up with joyful energy.

There is no one solution that fits all, as we all have different nervous systems and likes. However, there are some things that help most people recharge and get those feel-good hormones flowing:

☀️ sunshine, nature, green spaces
🤌🏽 quality time in safe relationships
💋 pampering
🥑 healthy meals and hydration
🚶🏽 movement
🧩 arts and crafts
🎧 listening to feel-good music
🐕‍🦺 nurturing animals or plants
👯 connection, community, family
✨ Indulge in a Self-Care Hamper and schedule in time for your mental health routinely. 

Time out can look like blobbing to a show, reading a book and saying no to plans so you can just chill.

Self-care is the deliberate act to look after yourself and reconnect within yourself, noticing what makes you feel good. It brings you joy and gives you energy as you go.

How can you balance your weeks to include both a time out and self-care? Your well-being will improve, and it is certainly very easy to do when you have a Loving Loudly toolbox to return to. 

The idea with Loving Loudly boxes is that the keepsake box becomes your go-to stash of all things that self-care means to you. That may mean a gift box packed with mindfulness activities, your favourite tea/ CD/ DVD, aromatherapy tools, yoga dice, a guided gratitude journal, and affirmation cards. 

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