What is Self-care and how does Loving Loudly deliver it?

What is Self-care and how does Loving Loudly deliver it?

Self-care came to the forefront of our attention during the pandemic and has proven to be a shining beacon of light for many as we struggled through lockdown after lockdown. Walking became a national sport practiced by many to escape the four walls at home, and cups of tea and virtual book-clubs became cool again.

But what does self-care really mean?

Self-care is an intentional behaviour that promotes an individual’s mental health, physical health and well-being to live well.  It is widely debated what self-care is and how self-care can be practiced – it’s crucial to remember that mental health is equally as important to physical health to each of us.

Self-care means something different to every individual and can vary in activities and practices adopted by different people. Meditating every morning at 5:00am may be soothing for you, but for others, self-care practices could be having a swim at the beach on a Saturday morning or taking their dog for a walk after work.

The journey to finding the self-care tools, activities and practices that work for you can be a work-in-progress. Lifestyle changes, major life events, injuries, work issues and other day-to-day environmental factors can alter the meaning of self-care and how you practice it.

Here at Loving Loudly, we want to be your prompt to start loving you again. Self-care delivered is what we do and loving loudly is how you practice it. A commitment to self-care is essential for building resilience to those stresses that cannot be eliminated from life. By taking steps to care for your mind and body, you'll be better equipped to live a fulfilling life.

Our boxes contain a diverse mix of tools that complement an admission to hospital for mental health treatment with a goal of bonding a robust base to create healthier habits for the purpose of good well-being.  Hospitals run activities and programs daily to assist patients with developing life skills that can be used in their daily lives outside the hospital room.

For those people who are at home, having a routine becomes paramount to developing these life skills. Loving Loudly has taken out the groundwork for finding these tools that support these lifestyle and mental changes. They can be used daily for anyone in or out of hospital facing mental health challenges. These skills are designed to teach emotional self-regulation, self-soothing, mindfulness, and mindset adjustments plus much more

Each gift box is uniquely put together and contains functional presents that promote:

  • Mindfulness
  • Play
  • Grounding tools
  • Mindset adjustments
  • Emotional regulation
  • Reminders that they are loved, supported and important.

These headings are simple when listed as one word, but each is a healing treatment that has been proven by science to better one’s mental health in a myriad of ways.

We are more connected than ever in this digital world, yet quite disconnected from ourselves and our neighbors than ever before.  These tools help us reconnect ourselves, our joy, our peace, our breath. And over time, with practice, these tools will bring us a more positive view of the world, a calmer nervous system and better habits that lead to a more resilient life.

Loving Loudly gift boxes also give people a surprise gift box of hope, delivered with love and care, helping our loved ones feel supported during tough times.

Check out our Self-Care toolbox here: https://www.lovingloudly.com.au/products/self-care-toolbox

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