It's not self-care, its routine maintenance

It's not self-care, its routine maintenance

Our Minds have evolved to keep us safe, alert and prepared for the worst. But in this modern world, a lot of things we are perceiving aren’t real threats or danger ⚠️

Our nervous systems don’t know the difference between a violent attack on a screen or in our reality.

We have to intentionally give our systems time out from the constant stressors, otherwise we will burn out. Some sooner than others. ❌

When you can’t give your mind regular time outs, at the very least, you can speak kindly to yourself about your concerns.

It’s all valid. Just some of it unnecessary mental chatter!!

🔧 I thank my critical mind and judgements for its concerns, it’s kept me safe for a long time. But I also realise that they aren’t always true thoughts and can be kindly disregarded. #byefelicia

It takes strength & courage to have self awareness, create dialog with your inner world and reclaim your power from these worries.

This stress literally takes your breath away.

So stop, BREATH, and take a mindful moment 💨
Smile. ☺️
Drop your shoulders.
Release your forehead.
Drink some water. 💦
Acknowledge those worries/self judgements, and kindly park them. (IE. Dump them on a page and scrunch it up)
Take Another deep breath.

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