NEW! Mindful Kids Toolkit


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A new super dooper fun toolbox filled with calming activites to help with big and small emotions.


Resilient ME Gratitude Journal – This journal teaches you how to get the most out of practicing gratitude, and also has heaps of fun activities to help build resilience and boost happiness, focus on what is important, stay calm when facing challenges and build a positive attitude.

Colour Change Squishy Ball – Edgy? Hyperactive? Nervous? Stressed? Play with for 5-10 minutes per day to enjoy the calming, fun texture and bright colour squishyness to help feel better and help chill out.

Colouring In Book and Pencils – For when we need a bit of quiet time away from those pesky adults (or little/older siblings). Put on some funky music, sit down and just let your hands and your imagination do the work.

Grass Grow Hair Kit – Take special care of your own little hairy pet. Each kit contains everything you need to grow funky hair on your animal. Tie it up or give it a clip when it gets too long!

Plus a yummy treat!