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The 5 Mini (Hospital Safe)

The 5 Mini (Hospital Safe)

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Time poor but in desperate need for self-care? Saaaame lovely... these noughties sure know how to push a person... 

That's why we have created this box for those cool cats that need a time out, but don't really have the time to do it.

This box includes:

 A guided Gratitude and Resilience Journal. Pairs perfectly with a cuppa, daily.
❥ Crystal Worry Stone, a pocket sized fidget that reduces tension by keeping your hands busy.
Aromatherapy Personal Mist, May I be... nurtured, renewed, grounded and smelling good! Spritz your personal space and inhale deeply to encourage these affirmations. 
My-grain Eye Mask, use cool or heated to rest your eyes. As good as a nap when you really can't spend to long horizontal or for those battling head aches and migraines. 
Self-care menu Magnet

❥ Contents Card including a Body Scan Mediatation

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