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Worry Stones - Raw Crystal Gemstone

Worry Stones - Raw Crystal Gemstone

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Gemstone crystals are beautiful to look at, but their beauty is not all they offer. Have you ever heard that gemstone crystals can improve your mental well-being? 
Here are Loving Loudly's best selection of gemstone crystals that can improve your mental health, help ground yourself and feel better.

The crystal properties for each differ slightly, promoting: 

Rainbow Moonstone
Alignment, Calm, Intuition, Awareness, Transformation, Growth, Balance and Protection

Clarity, Insight, Intuition, Transformation, Protection, Strength and Magic

Grounding, Support, Intuition, Focus, Calm and Refinement

Rose Quartz
Love, Friendship, The Heart, Compassion, Peace and Healing

Tigers Eye
Balance, Strength, Clarity, Courage, Protection and Insight

Prosperity, Abundance, Motivation, Inspired Action and Happiness

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