One in five people are currently diagnosed with mental illness each year in Australia. Our aim at Loving Loudly is to make our customers feel loved and supported, helping you and helping them. The service aim is to share information and tools with each other on how to best support those through the disease.

We have gathered a few useful links for the supporters.


About Me


I’m Jess.

I have spent most of my life with a mental illness. Some years are better than others, some days I wish I could throw in the towel. My lowest point in my mental health came a year after my third baby. I had everything going for me, great kids, amazing husband, supportive family and friends, and yet I lost every part of myself to the disease. When I told my dear friends and family that I would be going to stay in a mental health facility, they didn’t know what to do or say. The biggest question they all asked was “how can I help?”.

My supporters wanted me to know that they were there to help, but they did not always know how. I ached seeing how hard it was for them watching me in pain. I fought every day to get better for me, but also for them. What can you do to support someone spending an infinite amount of time living with an illness with no cure?

This was how Loving Loudly started. I wanted to give back to the mental health community as a thank you for supporting me in my mental health journey, but also find good in my disease. I came up with the plan to sell gift boxes for friends/family/colleagues to send to someone navigating mental illness. However I didn’t want to just send gifts, I wanted to send tools. After a lot of research, soul searching, and endless prototypes, I came up with the Loving Loudly boxes I sell today.

Jessica Shaw | Loving Loudly